What's in an IMAGE? 

Your IMAGE is more than the sum-total of your products and services. Your IMAGE is how people experience your organization it communicates your personality, your values and your mission.  IMAGE Building done well invokes emotion and response, it's a call to action. 

PR Empowerment Package


Posh Able IMAGE Builders has been designing winning IMAGE building strategies for some of Central Florida's most exciting brands for over ten years.  Let us elevate your community profile and help you grow your business with our PR Empowerment Package - a unique 120-day intensive Public Relations program tailored specifically to help you achieve your organization's distinct objectives.  


Whether your goals are to launch a new product, increase sales, leverage strategic partnerships to grow your business or enhance your philanthropic profile - Posh Able IMAGE Builders will create a comprehensive communication strategy to make your organization shine.  Plus, we EMPOWER you - with no long-term contracts. We are designing your plan, building your process and training your team to take over (all within 120 days).  Here is how this special program works:



An effective public relations strategy starts with analysis and understanding of all the factors that influence perception of your organization. We offer a comprehensive evaluation of your current communication strategy, offering ways to creatively integrate earned media and partnership development into your core marketing plan. 


A solid Public Relations and Communications strategy ensures you reach your target audience in relevant ways with crystal-clear messaging about your organization.  A great PR strategy is in alignment with your mission and values and works in tandem with your marketing goals. 


An effective Public Relations Strategy document clearly outlines tactics and timeline to achieve your objectives. A key part of the plan is creation of your new Digital Newsroom - full of rich story lines and press releases showcasing your company's uniqueness.  We build your personalized "Influencer List" - comprised of  key media, industry and community contacts  - who we engage with your story lines. You can easily track the progress via your interactive media engagement calendar that ties it all together. 


The last month of the program we are training your team to take over. That's right! We are leaving you with a professional Public Relations strategy that includes all the tools your team will need to be successful.  You will love the detailed process and procedure including templates, key contact lists and insider tips. 

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