Plus, questions to ask when Interviewing a Public Relations Strategist or Firm


By: Paula Wyatt – Anything is Posh Able


Posh Able IMAGE Builders has been designing winning IMAGE building strategies for some of Central Florida's most exciting brands for over ten years.  We know not every company is ready to make the investment in Public Relations, so we wanted to share some insider tips on how to build a winning PR Strategy for your business or nonprofit organization.  We hope you enjoy the process as much as we do.


1 - Define


An effective public relations strategy starts with analysis and understanding of all the factors that influence perception of your organization. Build a central document (call it your PR Strategy) that outlines your current communication strategy include a written explanation of all the ways in which you are touching your target audience.  Things like: website, paid media, event marketing, social media, marketing materials. Next, gather your marketing team for a power-hour to explore each item in terms of how much time, money and talent will be required – weigh effectives for each.



2 - Design

A solid Public Relations and Communications (earned media) strategy ensures you are reaching your target audience in relevant ways with crystal-clear messaging about your organization.  Your earned media efforts should complement your paid media efforts and be in close alignment with your organization’s mission and values.  Your PR Strategy is a living document, remove items that are no longer effective and add new items that support your branding and community engagement objectives. Calendarize your plan, add budget costs and (MOST IMPORTANTLY) assign someone to lead each new PR tactic. Sometimes this can be your marketing or social media person (if they have free time), but remember Public Relations is based on an entirely different set of rules.



3- Activate

Now that you have built your PR Strategy, you have a detailed and calendarized outline of tactics that you will implement to achieve your objectives. You have taken into consideration timeline and budget and have engaged the correct team members to lead each effort. Now, you can get to work.

  • Build your Digital Newsroom full of rich story lines and press releases showcasing your company's uniqueness. 
  • Create a personalized "Influencer List" - comprised of key media, industry and community contacts.
  • Build Relationships with your media and influencers. Join their groups, engage with them on social media, meet them in person, support their charities.  This part will take the most time, but without relationships you are at a huge disadvantage with local media.


4 – Consider Hiring a Professional

There is no shortage of great Public Relations professionals in Central Florida. Here are some things to ask when interviewing a PR strategist:

  • Do I have access to the most experienced team members or am I working through an account executive?  
  • Do I have to sign an annual contract? And is it based on hours-spent or impact?
  • What is my total monthly fee? What other fees might I expect to see? (Try to get a flat or reduced rate for graphic design, these costs can really add up.)
  • How will I know the plan is working? What ROI mechanisms are in place to ensure I’m making the most of my investment?
  • What value-added things can I expect in terms of connectivity to local influencers and development of strategic partnerships?


Posh Able IMAGE Builders has been designing winning IMAGE building strategies for some of Central Florida's most exciting brands for over ten years. Let us elevate your community profile and help you grow your business with our PR Empowerment Package - a unique 120-day intensive Public Relations program designed specifically for your organization, tailored to help you achieve your distinct objectives.  



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