STEP ONE – The Audit

What happens on the internet stays on in the internet.  Conduct a detailed audit of your online presence, inventorying your social media channels, including ones you may have forgotten about.


 STEP TWO – Vision and Mission

A vision is what you hope to accomplish and your mission is how you will do it.  Establish a social media vision and mission statement and then clearly define how each social platform will work to support this.


 STEP THREE – Branding Your Profiles

Your brand is what other people are thinking about you, when you aren’t there. Maximize your social branding with interesting profiles and enhanced graphics. Ensure your groups, page likes and connections are all in alignment with your goals and supporting your mission.


STEP FOUR – Finding Your Voice

It’s not what you say, but how you say it.  Develop a social voice for your company that represents your brand and supports your mission.  Establish a consistent online character with specific tone and language and with a clear purpose; this encourages people to follow your brand and support your causes. 


STEP FIVE - Building Your Tribe

Connectivity is what makes social media impactful. Look to your industry, your causes and your community profile to build your list of influencers including brands, organizations and companies.  Regularly reach out to establish and maintain connections through organic engagement such as: check-ins, creative content tagging, leaving reviews and hash tags.



STEP SIX – Content and Editorial Calendar

 A social media content calendar helps organize the way you create and curate content and is central in development of your online branding and communications strategy.  Create a detailed strategy document and pre-scripted editorial calendar for your social media communication.  Build a team of two to four people who will review this content with you.


STEP SEVEN - Analysis and Budgeting

Provide a regular analysis of your social presence and make regular adjustments to your plan to meet your objectives.  If you chose to make an investment in a Social Media Strategist check out Posh Able IMAGE Builders,  our efforts are designed to build your brand and your followers organically without paid promotion.  We can also lead you to evaluate and develop a plan and a budget for paid social media advertising options.

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